Final Documents

Project | Capital Accumulation Plans
Initiative/Project Name: Capital Accumulation Plans
Description: In these guidelines, a capital accumulation plan (CAP or plan) is a tax assisted investment or savings plan that permits the members of the CAP to make investment decisions among two or more options offered within the plan. The intent of these guidelines is to:

  • outline and clarify the rights and responsibilities of CAP sponsors, service providers and CAP members; and,
  • ensure that CAP members are provided the information and assistance that they need to make investment decisions in a capital accumulation plan.

Document Date Published
CAP Q & A January 29, 2010
News Release April 20, 2009
CAP Brochure April 1, 2005
CAP Guidelines May 28, 2004


Project | Product Disclosure and Regulation
Initiative/Project Name: Product Disclosure and Regulation
Description: The Joint Forum undertook an initiative to examine the responsibilities of financial product manufacturers, intermediaries and consumers to ensure that Canadian consumers are offered suitable products and are able to make informed decisions. The initial focus of the initiative was on product manufacturers, their risk assessment and product disclosure practices as they relate to consumers. Based on its work, the Joint Forum Product Disclosure and Regulation Committee has prepared a report on financial product development standards and practices consisting of:

  • A research paper on current requirements, standards and practices for product manufacturers in  the United Kingdom, United States and Canada;
  • A summary of findings based on the research paper and reports by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) on practices and processes for product development for individual variable insurance contracts (IVICs) and mutual funds, respectively; and
  • A list of other financial products which could be looked at.

Final Documents Date Published
Financial Product Development Standards and Practices April 2, 2013


Project | FSON - Framework
Initiative/Project Name: FSON - Framework
Description: This framework and its attachments describe a framework for ongoing collaboration among the regulators of the financial services industry, both federal and provincial, and the OmbudServices which make up the Financial Services OmbudsNetwork (the FSON), namely the Ombudservice for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI), the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) and the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI).
Final Documents: Date Published
FSON Framework August 10, 2007


Project | Point of Sale
Initiative/Project Name: Point of Sale
Description: The framework describes the elements of the Joint Forum's point of sale disclosure system, including a new mandatory fund summary document called Fund Facts, to be delivered to investors before they buy a fund, and a new simplified "cooling off" right for an investor to cancel a purchase.
Final Documents: Date Published
Framework 891-406 POS Disclosure October 24, 2008
Letter to Stakeholders October 24, 2008
Background Summary October 24, 2008
News Release October 24, 2008


Project | Practice Standards
Initiative/Project Name: Practice Standards
Description: The Joint Forum statement of Principles and Practices for the Sale of Products and Services in the Financial Sector has been developed by regulators from all jurisdictions except Quebec and across all financial product sectors. It is expected that these principles and practices will be incorporated into the codes of conduct of financial industry associations and followed by all financial intermediaries in the distribution of financial products and services.
Final Documents: Date Published
Final Principles and Practices January 28, 2005
Consumer's Guide January 28, 2005
News Release January 28, 2005
Backgrounder January 28, 2005
Letter to Stakeholders January 28, 2005